Akustični panel UNIKA35 2440 mm


Serija UNIKA pogodna je za vlažne prostorije s relativnom vlagom ispod 55%. Prilikom montaže u bilo koju vrstu vlažne prostorije potrebno je zapečatiti rubove lakom.

Dimenzije: 22 x 600 x 2440 mm
m2/panel: 1.46 m2
Težina po ploči: 13.5 kg.

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When children’s voices, music, and adult conversations need to coexist, it can be challenging to have a conversation. High ceilings and hard surfaces such as tiles, concrete, or glass cause sound to bounce back between walls and ceilings, resulting in echo and reverberation that can be highly irritating and tiring for the surroundings. Acoustic panels from FibroTech address this issue, providing not only good acoustics but also creating a comfortable and pleasant indoor environment. Additionally, they contribute to a warmer, cozier, and more Scandinavian aesthetic.

There are incredibly variants of acoustic panels on the market. At FibroTech, we have gathered the best options for every need, whether you require sound-dampening effects, fire-approved panels, or simply desire a visual look. FibroTech offers solutions that are beautiful, uniform, knot-free, and clean in appearance, catering to various price ranges.


The PREMIUM series (Basic) features high-quality acoustic panels with a genuine wood surface. On the back of the panel, there is a 9 mm polyester board made from recycled plastic, effectively absorbing sound. PREMIUM- series panels can be installed in any room except wet rooms or other areas in contact with water. They are available in seven different colors and measure 22x605x2440 mm.

The PROFF series shares the same properties as PREMIUM panels but differs in length, measuring a full 3 meters. This allows for acoustic solutions without visible joints. PROFF series panels can be installed in any room except wet rooms or areas in contact with water. PROFF is also available in seven different colors and measures 22x605x3000 mm.

The SIGNATUR variant in the same series offers panels with different slat sizes, providing a unique expression for your wall and/or ceiling.

UNIKA Panels
For sound absorption when children are singing loudly in the bathtub or to add warmth and coziness, the UNIKA series from FibroTech is the solution. The UNIKA series is made of polyester, laminate, and wrapped MDF, making it easy to clean and resistant, suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, headboards, or other areas requiring frequent wiping, though not in direct contact with water. UNIKA series panels come in various colors and measure 22x600x2440 mm.

The SQUARE panel is part of our Design series, allowing you to be the designer. You can arrange the panels in fields on all sides or edges or use one or two for a decorative and unique expression. SQUARE panels come in the same seven color variants as our PREMIUM panels and can be installed with screws or mounting adhesive. The panel is made of genuine wood like the PREMIUM panel and has a 9 mm polyester backing, made from recycled polyester. Each package contains two panels measuring 22x520x520 mm.

Offering high-quality acoustic panels similar to the PREMIUM series but with a 9 mm MDF and slightly narrower, the QUANTI series is another option. The back of the panels features a 9 mm polyester board made from recycled plastic, effectively absorbing sound. QUANTI series panels can be installed in any room except wet rooms or areas in contact with water. They are available in seven different colors, with Light Oak also offered with light gray polyester. QUANTI panels measure 18x520x2440 mm.

As the name suggests, these acoustic panels are thinner due to lamellas being glued directly onto the polyester, eliminating the need for MDF. Light Acoustic panels are flexible, allowing them to be installed around corners. They come in packages of five in five color variants: Light Oak, Smoked Oak and Oiled Oak as stock items, measuring 9x600x2500 mm.

STONE Panels
The STONE series offers acoustic panels with various looks, providing a unique “stone-look.” Available in four variants, each with a distinct appearance, STONE panels offer the same sound-absorbing benefits as the rest of our range. They are made of high-quality materials, with a 9 mm MDF and a slightly narrower profile than the PREMIUM series. STONE Concrete, Rusty, and Pattern can be installed in any room except wet rooms or areas in contact with water. STONE White Marble, on the other hand, can be installed in wet rooms with humidity below 55 gr. The surface is laminated with Marble White on three sides, making it suitable for bathrooms and other areas requiring frequent wiping but not in direct contact with water. STONE series panels measure 18x520x2440 mm.


If you need fire-approved panels, FibroTech has the solution with the FireGuard series. These Bs1, D0 fire-approved panels conform to European standard EN 13501-1. FireGuard panels consist of an 8 mm wood fiber board with 13 lamellas per panel. Lamella width is 31 mm, and they have a thickness of 12 mm plywood. FireGuard panels come in three color variants: Light Oak, Nature Oak, and Walnut, measuring 21x600x2480 mm.

The long reverberation time in a room without acoustic solutions can be reduced using materials that are good at absorbing sound. This is most effective on larger surfaces such as walls and ceilings. Both will reduce the reverberation time when materials with high sound absorption, such as acoustic panels, are installed.

The narrow wood strips are mounted on a 9 mm polyester board that does not reflect sound back, unlike a hard material would. It is FibroTech’s thick polyester backing that absorbs sound, improves the room’s acoustics, and makes all the difference. Moreover, its density is high, and the polyester is securely fastened with multiple clips, preventing loose ends. If you desire additional sound dampening (sound class A), you can put in 45 mm mineral wool behind the panels.

For Responsible Forestry FibroTech products are 100% FSC® certified, meaning the wood used comes from sustainable forests. There is no illegal logging, and threatened forest areas are not eradicated.

– as it is produced from recycled plastic! The crucial and effective backings on FibroTech’s acoustic panels are made from recycled plastic, showing respect and consideration for our planet.

Before you start installing your acoustic panels, there are a few things to be aware of. Firstly, always store them indoors. It’s essential for the panels to ventilate, allowing air to circulate to prevent moisture absorption. As a significant portion of the material in the panels is wood, they may emit a slight wood odor when brought into your home, like the scent of a new wooden floor. Therefore, it’s recommended to acclimatize the panels well before installation. Place them in the garage or shed for a couple of days, and afterward, the scent will diminish.

Acoustic panels from FibroTech can be installed on both walls and ceilings – horizontally or vertically, it’s entirely up to you. They can be secured with either screws or adhesive – or both.

Assembly with screws
If you wish to secure your acoustic panels with screws, you will need 15-18 black screws per panel. When framing, the distance should be 60 mm. You screw the screws into the black polyester backing. This way, you won’t see them since the black screws are hidden against the black polyester. Always remember to ensure that the panels are level and perpendicular.

Assembly with adhesive
If you prefer to avoid screws, you also have the option to glue the acoustic panels using FibroTech’s mounting adhesive. In this case, the panels should be spot-glued on the back. This means applying several small amounts of adhesive around the polyester backing. The adhesive adheres with good strength immediately and becomes stronger as it cures. You can use the mounting adhesive on surfaces such as plaster walls, plaster ceilings, brick walls, plastered walls, and more. Ensure that the surface is always dry and clean before applying the adhesive. Also, make sure that the panels are level and perpendicular.

If the dimensions of the acoustic panel do not suit your specific purpose, they can easily be adjusted and cut from the back using a fine-toothed saw blade.

Calculate your material consumption: With FibroTech’s user-friendly calculator, you can calculate your material consumption yourself – and you also get a 3D illustration of your project.

See before you buy: If you would like to see how FibroTech’s acoustic panels would look in your space, unleash your imagination with FibroTech Visualizer – and see before you buy – https://fibrotech.dk/

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